Jumpy Art Films

In the early 80’s I was given a really nice Bolex 8mm film camera, and being fresh out of Art School was bursting with ideas for short films. I worked on them for several years, keeping them in an old briefcase which moved with me from place to place. Recently I decided to resurrect them before the film disintegrates, transferring to digital video and editing them with music in iMovie. See this and other Jumpy Art Films on my Vimeo page.the-bone-eaters

Red Rooster Espresso Label

red-rooster-espresso-labelI designed this label for Ithaca Coffee Company’s Red Rooster Espresso cans. They already had a very red coffee can design and one with a light blue feeling so I thought that an overall green can would compliment the others, and also for some reason the image of a Rhode Island Red rooster kept popping into my head so I tried out the combination and we all liked it.

Porchfest Street Art

This 30′ diameter street mural was designed by me but actually painted by many people who stopped by during the 2016 Porchfest celebration. Approached by the Porchfest committee last June to come up with a really big idea for their 10th Anniversary, I agreed to design and orchestrate the creation of this public art piece which we painted on the street surface at the intersection of Auburn and Lewis streets in Ithaca. Click Here to see a time lapse video of the process created by Dave Davies!

Textures Blue

From 2001 to the present I’ve been painting furniture for fun and for sale, as commissions and as one of a kind decorative pieces. I re-purposed chairs, tables, dressers, coat stands, picture frames, and more. This image is an array of example textures from furniture pieces which I’ve painted in the blue color range.